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Grade 4

St John’s Road Primary

East London

South Africa


By Qhawe Bali


Once there was a girl called Nkululeko, when she was little she was told the Nelson Mandela Story. Some did not believe that. but she believed that.


When she was in grade 4 then the history teacher told them about Mandela’s history she went and tells her mother about what she leard mother said Im so proud of you and she said Im proud of myself


When she was an adult she told everyone she belive’s in Mandela She exprasse herself to the people she became the leader of Africa

The end


The Flightless bird

By Entle Nqwitha

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A Rainy Day

By Kuhle Mondi

Grade 6

Dalukukhanya Senior Primary School


South Africa

Hospital 07-01

One day after school we were crossing a road. But a car came fast and hit my friend. It didńt stop it overtaked the car that was infront. It stopped although I thought it wouldńt. The man that was driving the car took me and my friend to the hospital. And phoned the parents of my friend.


We got help as soon as we got there. Her leg was broken.

Hospital 05-01-01

But the doctors sad it will be fine. 

Hospital 04-01-01

Her parents were there. Her parent was very upset about what happen.

Hospital 03-01

The man was arrested for not stopping at the patrol. 

Hospital 02-01

It was raining when we were heading home. Everything was okay…

The End

My Dream Future

BY Lihlume Baba

Grade 6

Dalukukhanya Senior Primary School


South Africa


My name is Lihlume & and I will  be telling you about my dream future. In future I want to be a doctor, have a beautiful house. The last that I want more than anything is to help young children about education and be an example to my community so my mother can be proud of me. 


A dream is what you want or wish.


A car is what you use to do anything you want to do.


I want to help people so thatś why I want to be a doctor.


& have a big house for me & my family.


Go to school and teach young children about education.


& help poor people by buying food and some and be an example to my community. Thank you

The End

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